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Public Bus (F30) service to be extended to MC ?

Would you endorse the extension of F30 (Public Bus Transportation) to MC area ?

Poll ended at 29 Mar 2010, 08:34

Yes, only for the end of the working week (Thu-Fri-Sat)
Total votes : 29

pamatti Forum Regular

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Hi all,
just a brief one.

Public Transportation seems not to go beyond Arabian Ranches. Any chance-idea-suggestion to approach RTA and ask what would be the effort (in time and thoughts) to extend it to MC ?

Mostly required by our working personnel which is increasing as long as villas and apartments keep filling in. We can't ignore the problem for them to get out of MC at week-end or even during the working week, and by the way it could turn to be useful for everybody overall.

Appreciate any thoughts. Kind regards.

shadow Forum Veteran

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i totally support this one... the bus service shud be extended... F30 started with ranches only but i think now its also covering studio city.. so inclusion of motor city shudnt be much of a problem for rta.. i guess we need to send in our requests individually and wait for somethin material to happen from their side. im sure motorcity may be on their agenda as well sometime in the future.

rose98 Forum Regular

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It doesn't have to be that we send requests individually to RTA. I think we can request from Multiplex and UP to do this on behalf of the MC community. Extending the bus service to MC will benefit the developer as it will enhance the accessibilty to the development.

ralphrau Forum Veteran

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I agree no need for a poll. Just walk across to UP Motor City Management Office and speak to the team there.

RTA has been established to get people out of their cars and into the public transport system. Running empty F30 buses is a liability for RTA.

RTA need to be made aware that MC has 3000 apartments that will be occupied (eventually).

F30 will be of much greater use to MC apartment owners than AR villas owners who each have a minimum of 2 cars per villa.

CAVEAT: Is there a risk that with cheap mass transit access the community might degenerate into a mass market community like International City?

designer Forum Regular

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ralphrau wrote:
I agree no need for a poll. Just walk across to UP Motor City Management Office and speak to the team there.


CAVEAT: Is there a risk that with cheap mass transit access the community might degenerate into a mass market community like International City?

I think the threat is there with or without busses if rents go down further!

Sheikh Forum Regular

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hi guys it would be great if this can extend down to motorcity.
Who can we contact to make this possible ASAP

Sonali Forum Regular

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Hi all,
Almost a year later and we are still stuck with no bus service in MC!!! what can we do to get them here. Suggestions anyone?

ralphrau Forum Veteran

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Personally I am not in favour of a bus service. I like the exclusivity since only car owners can live here.

Its "motor city" and plenty of car parking has been provided. 2 for a 2 bed.

lmkhoury Forum Regular

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tanveerk Forum Regular

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In my opinion, bus service will not make MC lose its exclusivity, just as it has not harmed the atmosphere of Arabian Ranches. Actually, I see the following benefits of feeder bus service:

- Sometimes you have guests who want to go out but you are not in a position to provide them pick and drop. If there is bus service, they can be on their own and catch the feeder bus to Mall of the Emirates and from there they can go anywhere by Metro.
- It will make MC more accessible for the part time maids etc.

The bus does not need to come inside the residential area, a round of the commercial area would be sufficient.

kukiboy Forum Regular

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I don't think this is in line with the greater scheme of things. The authorities want to promote more people to start using public transport (bus, metro etc). Isn't it a good thing as well ? In terms of convenience (e.g. connection to metro) and reducing carbon footprint??

Moreover, what does the "exclusivity" have to do with public bus connection? Do you guys seriously believe that only a certain "low class" of people whom you don't want to be associated with UMC use public transport service? Especially in this country, almost everybody can own a car and almost everybody does own a car!!

International city is remotely connected to public transport, what exclusivity does it have? On the other hand Ranches has a public bus connection, has it lost exclusivity?

Personally, I don't use public transport (because it is inefficient at the moment, not because it is demeaning!), but I think being connected to the public transport would only add value to the community. :)

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Spare a thought for all the people who live and work in Motorcity who don't have, nor can afford, a car and I\m not talking about tenants! A extended bus service to Motorcity would benefit the housemaids and gardeners etc. who do not have the luxury of owning a car!

Life in Motorcity is not only for the privileged who can afford car!

ralphrau Forum Veteran

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I need to clarify myself. As an owner I hope the absence of a bus service at MC doorstep will reduce accessibility (avoid MC becoming like Intl City) rather than create "exclusivity". I hope MC remains a one adult=one car community. An electric car hopefully in the near future!

I have used the bus service occasionally to connect to the Metro. It means a brisk walk across the road to Arabian Ranches for the maid or gardener.

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